Strawberry Marmalade Recipe

Pectin Free Strawberry Marmalade

Strawberry Marmalade is an absolute favourite for both adults and children. So lets see how to make pectin free strawberry marmalade with just few ingredients. It tastes delicious with freshly toasted slice of bread or you can also eat it with other desserts like pudding or even with a scoop of ice-cream. And when it comes to the preparation, it is probably one of the simplest recipes. The Strawberry Marmalade Recipe that I follow is pectin free, soft, spreadable and simple.

So let’s get started…..

Pectin Free Strawberry Marmalade – The Recipe

Ingredients :-

  • Strawberry 200 gms (I made 2 small jars of marmalade for small portion)
  • Sugar 125 gms
  • Sterilised jar
  • If you wish to make more then I would suggest you to take Strawberry and Sugar in the ratio of 8:5, e.g; 800 gms of Strawberry with 500 gms of Sugar. Sugar quantity is suggested less because Strawberry already has sweetness.

Steps :- 

  • Cut strawberries roughly in small pieces.

  • Take a pan and put in the strawberries and the sugar. Switch on the burner.

  • Stir over low heat till the sugar gets dissolved and the strawberries a little mashy. Now turn the burner to high and bring this mixture to a complete boil.

  • You will now notice that froth is settling on the top of the mixture.  Bring the burner to low heat and remove all the froth with the help of a spoon or ladle whichever is convenient for you.

  • The marmalade in no time starts taking jelly like consistency. This is the time to switch off the burner.

  • Once it cools completely, store the marmalade in a sterilised jar so that it stays for a longer period of time.
  • Voila! the marmalade is ready…..


DebsGastronomy- Strawberry Marmalade
DebsGastronomy- Strawberry Marmalade

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